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Each time you visit the Smoky Hill Museum, a new story inspires you. Family and kid-friendly interactives, changing exhibits, and fun family activities are among the Museum's highlights - all free of charge. The Museum Store offers Kansas cards, wheat weaving, specialty-food items, toys and more.

Our Wonderful Sponsors

Special thanks go to our exhibit and case sponsors. The Museum is able to continue its strong exhibits and educational programming through their generosity. Interested in sponsoring an exhibit? Contact Kay Quinn at kay.quinn@salina.org.

Holocaust Remembrance Week: Beyond Words …

Survival. Such a simple word. But when the story of survival is told, it moves beyond words, to pain, empathy, respect and hope. Join Martin Weiss as he shares his story at a free presentation, Wednesday, April 23, 7:00 pm, in Sam’s Chapel at Kansas Wesleyan University. Martin’s story of survival includes Nazi invasion, anti-Jewish laws, a work ghetto, the Auschwitz Death Camp, the Mauthausen Concentration Camp system, a forced death march, liberation and emigration. Martin currently volunteers as a speaker for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The Museum’s Education Department is proud to support Kansas Wesleyan throughout Holocaust Remembrance & Genocide Awareness Week, April 21 through April 25. Learn more about this and other activities at www.kwu.edu.